Saturday, April 15, 2006


Arggh! Popups. Not one, not two, but how about 10 pops. Pop, pop, pop, after another. What the hell is wrong with some webmasters. I mean, do they have some sick perversion to do this to people. Or do they really think that it's going to work. I mean, do they really thin, If I only just get one click out of 10 pops, I'll be doing good or something? I mean, come on. This has got to be one of the reasons people hate visiting websites. And then there is now the popup stopper software people make money off of. And those people use popups, too, which is the funny thing. Nothing like creating markets. All I say is, if someone could chill on the OCD popup site, that would be great. People that plan out 10 pops on one site visit. That's just a bit much. It's like this site on online, not one popup on it. Why is it that the entire internet be like that?


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