Thursday, April 20, 2006


I got this email the other day that had a bunch of pictures of famous movie stars, singers like Madonna and Barbara Streisand -- but basically, very well known people. Anywho, each individual had two pictures in this email. A before makeup shot and an after makeup shot. And let me tell you, what a difference make-up makes. It's almost like some of these websites that feel they have to put on a show with all their fancy graphics and flash animations. I just personally can really appreciate the plain white background sites. Like this one site when I was search for carpets on the net the other day -- and wouldn't you know it. Right at the top, there it was. The site that gave me everything I needed on the topic. Point on. Back to these famous stars, some of them were seriously gross and were downright ugly. Boy what a different make-up makes.


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